Premium Bonds Results

Premium Bonds Results

Premium Bonds Results

Premium bonds results are published by ns&i at the beginning of every month and if you have been lucky enough to win a prize you should be notified by post within the first 7 to 14 days of the month that your premium bond number was successful.

There is no skill involved with bonds as the numbers chosen are done by an electronic random number indicator and this is where the name ERNIE came from for the bonds selecting machine.

Prize money won on the bonds can be claimed at anytime and there is no expiry date on claiming so if for any reason you were not notified of the premium bond results or for some reason were not aware of your win you can still claim now.

As premium bond buyers tend to purchase their bonds and then over time forget about  them the most common reason why prizes go unclaimed is because holders of the bonds  forget to inform ns&i about their new address.

Premium bonds are purchased with the knowledge that they do not attract interest payments but instead give you the opportunity to win prizes on a monthly basis so in some ways this type of investment can be a doubtful prospect as you bonds could be held for years without a win or on the other hand you could be lucky and gain a substantial return over a short period of time.

All premium bonds are eligible to win a prize and it is possible for a £1 bond to win the top prize of £1 million although looking at past results they tend to suggest that the more you have invested the better your chances are of being successful.

Premium bond results are available online at the beginning of every month and can be checked manually by going to the main ns & i website although there are also many other places online that publish the results too for you to consult.

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